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Rustic Plaster Effect Bathroom

Rustic Plaster Effect Bathroom

The plaster effect look is relatively easy to achieve with three Chalk Paint® colours, Matt Chalk Paint® Lacquer and some patience. For a cohesive tonal look throughout the rest of your bathroom pick a shade from your plaster-effect palette to paint your bathtub and floorboards. In this case, we used Chalk Paint® in Scandinavian Pink for the bath and a wash of Old White on the floorboards. Both were then given a coat of Matt Chalk Paint® Lacquer to finish.

For the wall: begin by painting the entire wall a warm rich colour – in this instance, Scandinavian Pink. Once dry, apply a neutral earthy shade in random areas – here, Chalk Paint® in Honfleur. While those patches of Honfleur are still wet use crumpled newspaper to spread the paint around, giving a textured rough-luxe look. Allow to dry before taking the lightest colour (here Old White) mixing with water, and using a damp cloth to wash over the wall. Allow this to dry for a cloudy look, then apply more diluted Old White Chalk Paint® along the top of the wall (we overloaded a brush and then allowed the paint and water mixture to drip down from the brush tip). Finally, once dry, use Matt Chalk Paint® Lacquer to protect.

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