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Aubergine Colour-Mix Kitchen
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Aubergine Colour-Mix Kitchen

Annie painted this kitchen in an unusual colour palette of soft pink and deep aubergine. The finished effect is soft, pretty, and modern. The walls are painted with Wall Paint in Antoinette. Although Chalk Paint® can be used on walls, Annie’s Wall Paint is more durable and hard wearing and therefore better suited to a kitchen environment than Chalk Paint®. Wall Paint can be wiped down and kept clean with warm soapy water.

Where Chalk Paint® is used in the kitchen – on cupboards, shelving and tables - just be sure to apply Chalk Paint® Wax and allow to cure completely! Read Avery Michaels fantastic blog about how well her Chalk Paint® kitchen has held up, two years after she painted and waxed, if you are concerned about the longevity of Chalk Paint® in your kitchen.

To create this bespoke aubergine shade, Annie mixed Emperor’s Silk with Aubusson Blue. All the colours in the Chalk Paint® palette have been designed to mix beautifully to allow you to create an infinite spectrum of bespoke shades.

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