Salle de réception en Tilton

par Annie Sloan

Channel pure Charleston Farmhouse Modernist style by merging practical painting with fine art focal points.

Portes, murs et sols peints avec la Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ en Tilton

Painting panelling differently to the rest of your space is a quick and easy way to make a statement in your home. Using architectural elements inherent to your furniture or home pays dividends; even something as simple as painting table legs a different colour to tabletops can make a style statement.

Door panel outlines and pictorials within panels are a quirky, witty reference to Modernist looks and echo design tropes used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. This technique of bringing attention to the character and personality which your home already possesses is a superb way to highlight the one-of-a-kind aspects of your property. And, if you aren’t lucky enough to have panelling at home: fake it! The Scandinavians have been doing so since the 18th Century and it’s as effective now as it was then.

Portes, murs et sols peints avec la Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ en Tilton

This doorway has been painted in the same colour as the walls, skirting board and floor which is an excellent way to make a massive monochromatic impact without involving too many different paint colours, techniques, or brushes (i.e. less washing up!). It also draws the eye even more determinedly to the Fine Art style paintings within the door panels. So it isn’t just the panels which are serving as picture frames to Annie’s freehand floral still life; it’s the entire room.

Here, we used Tilton, a colour from Annie’s 2018 collaboration with Charleston Farmhouse, but the less colour-confident could still make a statement with a neutral base. The upper door panels have then been given a thoroughly Modernist makeover. Annie’s painted still life is pure Charleston and was painted freehand; again, if you’re not as confident with your painting skills you could decoupage images here or render a more abstract, shape-based design.

Always use Chalk Paint® Wax or Chalk Paint® Lacquer to protect painted doors, which will see lots of use. Walls can be left unprotected as they suffer much less from daily wear and tear, or alternatively use Annie Sloan Wall Paint which is wipe clean and highly durable.


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Portes, murs et sols peints avec la Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ en Tilton
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