Victorian Inspired G Plan Table

by Jonathon Marc Mendes

Painter in Residence Jonathon Marc Mendes took inspiration from traditional Victorian tiles and used a combination of Chalk Paint® colours to create his pattern.

This project by Jonathon Marc Mendes has his stamp all over it: the thoughtful colour combinations, the clever mix of styles and influences, the excellent paintwork and, of course, typography.

This G Plan bent wood coffee table was picked up at a local junk shop. Jonathon was drawn to the waterfall edges and clean lines. It’s a classic example of 70s design, so Jonathon decided to keep some of the wood unpainted, and add an architectural heritage detail, in this case, his Victorian tile design.

Using the famous tile company Minton as his inspiration, Jonathon first painted the base of the table in Old White. He then used various Chalk Paint® colours to create his Victorian-style tile design. Jonathan used mixes of Country Grey, Antibes Green, Graphite and English Yellow. The pop of Giverny really makes it sing. He drew the design and painted it by hand.

The combination of the G Plan design and hand-painted geometric details creates a modern, interesting look. He then painted the sides in a mix of Napoleonic Blue and Graphite for a deep navy, ready for the Minton typography, which he created with an acetate stencil.

The 1970’s stag carvings have been given a modern twist, diagonally painted in Old White to link to the piece of furniture. A coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax was then applied over the whole piece, to protect the paint and give the woodwork a refresh too.


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