Boho Floral Bathroom

by Janice Issitt

Painter in Residence Janice Issitt created this bohemian bathroom by mixing her own custom colours from the Chalk Paint® colour range.

Janice started this project by creating a floral backdrop using Image Medium and Chalk Paint® Lacquer and Pierre-Joseph Redouté’s rose illustrations.

Next, Janice wanted to match the colour on her enamel bathtub. She mixed Chalk Paint® in Antibes Green and Old White to create a similar hue and used this to paint the wooden chair and shelf, shown in the background.

For a boho edge Janice continued to work with bright contrasting colours. She created a custom pink using a mix made from Emperor’s Silk, Henrietta and Old White which she painted on the chest and shelf. The shelf also features flashes of Provence, Burgundy and Florence. Everything has been sealed with Clear Wax.


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Farbmuster der Antibes Green Chalk Paint™ Möbelfarbe von Annie Sloan, ein leuchtendes, neoklassisches Grün

Antibes Green

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Farbmuster der Emperor's Silk Chalk Paint™ Möbelfarbe von Annie Sloan, ein leuchtendes, reines Rot

Emperor’s Silk

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