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Our Values

Annie Sloan the company takes its ethical cues from Annie Sloan the individual. Our values can be split into three columns of belief; firstly, Annie Sloan believes in supporting independent businesses. Secondly, Annie Sloan believes in caring for our community of staff, Stockists and customers. Finally, Annie Sloan believes in being conscious of the environment and of our impact on it. 

Annie Sloan illustration, paint brush with Chalk Paint® in Aubusson Blue

Supporting independent businesses

Annie Sloan is committed and proud to support independent businesses. It’s not just our products that make us special, it’s the people who sell them. We are proud to champion the “shop local” movement, and by buying from them so can you too. 

We refer to the shops where you can buy our paints and products as Annie Sloan Stockists. Every Annie Sloan Stockist has been hand-picked for their individual style and we're very proud that no two shops are the same.

All Annie Sloan Stockists receive regular training from Annie Sloan herself and her representatives. This training qualifies them to demonstrate and advise you in both basic and advanced techniques. They can provide colour mixing advice, interior design tips and boost your Chalk Paint® confidence. Stockists are trained in hosting workshops - so that you too can benefit from Annie’s years of experience and hard-won expertise. 

We have Stockists all over the world, all of which you can find on our website using the “Stockist Finder” function. 

Find Your Local Stockist 

Annie Sloan illustration, paint brush with Chalk Paint® in English Yellow

Caring for our community

The Annie Sloan business is and will always remain family run - with Annie and her husband firmly at the helm. Passionate people who feel valued create amazing things, and so we class each of our employees, Stockists and customers as our family. Welcome to the Annie Sloan community! 

Annie Sloan Interiors is based in Oxford, England and we make Chalk Paint® ourselves here at our Oxford HQ. Many of us are able to walk or cycle to work, including Annie herself. We host weekly yoga classes, aerobics sessions and French lessons for our employees. During summer we pick vegetables from our allotment for company lunches. A popular Annie Sloan tradition is “Jacket Potato Day”; where the entire company lunches together on a feast of baked potatoes. Stockists workshops are frequently held at Annie’s workshop here, and we regard it as a home away from home, creating a community in the workplace.

Living wage

Living Wage Employer - Annie Sloan

Here at Annie Sloan, we are proud to be a Living Wage employer! The real Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually. The Living Wage is calculated according to the real costs of living.  

This commitment means everyone working at Annie Sloan, regardless of whether they are direct employees or third-party contracted staff; receive a minimum hourly wage higher than the statutory minimum for over 25s, updated yearly. You can see those rates on Living Oxford is a notoriously expensive city; second only to London.

The community

We love how communities of fans have grown around a shared passion for our products. The Annie Sloan fan base is a vocal, plucky, smorgasbord of creatives and upcyclers. Annie seeks constant inspiration from this band of outspoken individuals – all with wildly unique styles - and loves discovering new talent from their ranks. Come and find the crowd on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – just search #AnnieSloan or #ChalkPaint. You can also join in the weekly conversation with a newsletter from Annie. Have your say, gain some inspiration and share your projects. Welcome to our family!

Join The Conversation

Annie Sloan illustration, paint brush with Chalk Paint® in Antibes Green

Conscious of the environment

As a company Annie Sloan is conscious about minimalising the environmental impact of our products by reducing waste and streamlining our production processes. 

Our paints

Our paints are virtually odour-free and have minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs). You can find out more about them – as well as the rest of our range – on our product information page.

Our packaging

Here at Annie Sloan, we send our product to you with the greatest care. To ensure your parcels are protected and safe, we package them using recycled and recyclable packaging. Our cardboard boxes are 50% recycled and 100% recyclable. Our void filler ‘peanuts' are biodegradable. Our paper tape is 100% recyclable. Our bubble wrap can be recycled with other polythene based materials. Contact your local authority for guidelines.

Our paint, wax and lacquer tins are made of metal and, once empty, can be recycled in most areas. Recycling policies vary from area to area, so do check with your local authority first. 

Recycle, Re-use, Re-imagine

Annie Sloan is about creativity, which encompasses recycling and upcycling. We love the challenge of re-using, re-imagining and breathing new life into old, unloved but not obsolete objects with our products.

When it comes to your own projects, try to buy only as much paint as you need. Remember, a little Chalk Paint® goes a long way (1 litre is enough to cover approximately 13 square metres)! Use any left-over paint that you have on smaller projects, rather than disposing of it. Give old paint to a friend, or share and mix new colours. Why not re-vamp an old paint tin and turn it into something new? Here at Annie Sloan HQ we have repurposed paint tins as storage pots for our paint brushes, as plant pots and as everything else in between!

Find Some Inspiration

Annie Sloan illustration, paint brush with Chalk Paint® in Henrietta

Annie Sloan are proud members of:

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  • Painting Decoration Association logo

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