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Become a Stockist of our Paint!

We are an English company run by Annie Sloan and her husband David Manuel with help from various family members.. We sell our paint in Britain, Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, through selected, independent decoration shops/stores.

We are looking for committed stockists of our paint in interesting stylish and established painted furniture shops where the emphasis is on interior design. We try to make it very do-able and we are very approachable. We want to help you as much as you help us!
We like to have a broad range of shops in styles from elegant and chic to rustic and country and more. Our shops are broadly home decorating and include florists and upholstorers for instance. We like our shops to be aspirational and inspirational run by shop owners with a strong understanding of their own style. All sell painted furniture and all run workshops. Good social media skills are very necessary.
We have a very strong support system and train our stockist very well.

We are based in the UK and have distributors in Europe, Rep of Ireland, Spain, Sweden, France and The Netherlands, North America, South Africa and Australia/NZ .


In the UK, we have a lot of stockists in the South with just a few gaps. Depending where you are situated we are keen to talk -- but we don't want our stockists to be too near each other. We are looking in particular for some more in Kent, Scotland, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, London- particularly North and Central London, around West Yorkshire, Leeds, around Manchester, parts of Northamptonshire, North Wales... in fact anywhere there's a gap!

Do you know a shop or are you that store? Contact Bow at

Our distributor for Northern Ireland is Jill Bennett of Dandelion Lane. For enquiries about becoming a stockist in Northern Ireland, please email

In America and Canada we are looking for stockists/ retailers who have a distinctive shop where the style of painted furniture and interior decoration is apparent as in the description above in bold. Go to to see where we have retailers already and find out more about being a retailer or contact:

Jolie Design & Decor, LLC

New Orleans, LA
(504) 305-5531


We are now in The Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Spain, Belgium and Italy and we are keen to find more committed retailers in these countries.
We only have one in Italy - more please!

If you would like to become a stockist in EUROPE please contact;
(all countries except Spain, Rep of Ireland, Sweden, Finland, and Norway, and France)

Paulien Westerhof at
Heart & Home
Dorpsstraat 49
2912 CA Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel
The Netherlands

If you are interested in being a stockist in SWEDEN, NORWAY and FINLAND contact Sarah James Larsson at:
Storegården Country Living
Örum Storegården 1
524 96 Alboga, LJUNG
Phone; 0513-60052

If you would like to be a stockist in SPAIN and PORTUGAL, please contact Maria Carrero Ruiz;
149 Gándara Street
Calle Magdalena No 218 Bajo
15402 Ferrol, La Coruña
Phone; +34 981353301 / +34 652790386

FRANCE is an enormous country and we have now 10 stockists so more would be welcome! We'd love more in the South of France, Dordogne/Bordeaux area and of course we'd love one in Paris! Claire also deals with French speaking BELGIUM
If you're in France please contact:

Claire Chalkley at
Les Couronnes Sauvages
Manoir de l'Ormelais
Lieu-dit 1 l'Ormelais
35120 Mont Dol
Phone; 00 33 7 85 60 65 28
0033 (02)

If you are in The Republic of IRELAND please contact:

Margaret Corscadden at
Twenty Six
26 Kenyon Street
Nenagh Co Tipperary
00 35 36732805


Contact for inquiries in Australia and New Zealand.



We have just launched in Souh Africa and are keen to have more. See above for the type of shops we are want to have as stockists.