Extending the Range of Chalk Paint® Colours

Adding Old White

Adding Old White

We have 32* colours in the Chalk Paint® range from soft and pale to bright and strong. Annie Sloan's carefully selected range of colours is hugely flexible as you can mix colours together to extend the range and create endless possibilities.

If you want to make a colour paler then you can add Old White or Pure. (Old White will help make the colour vintage and Pure will make the colour more modern)

Find out roughly the ratio of what you want either by experimenting - use your finger maybe to dab and mix or by looking on the individual pages on this web site by clicking on the paint swatches. For a small amount of paint you can use a big spoon or for larger amounts use a cup.

Two dollops of Old White to one dollop of Provence is a ratio of 2 to 1 making a lovely soft pale slightly aged turquoise like old faded French shutters. Use Pure and the colour is cleaner and fresher, more vintage 1950s!

* Depending on which country you live in the number of colours in the range differs. We make our paint in two countries - England and the USA.